The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Extends Lead Over Trump to Double Digits in Virginia

The latest Virginia poll by Roanoke College has placed Hillary Clinton 16 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Donald Trump – 32%
  • Gary Johnson – 8%
  • Jill Stein – 3%

Clinton has once again trounced Trump. While Trump started regaining in the polls this week, a disastrous appeal to African-American voters made him look like a racist fool and he is starting to suffer in the polls once again.

For the first time in a while, Clinton made an appearance in the media, showing up for an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she joked about her health with Jimmy Kimmel. The segment was hilarious, lighthearted, and exactly what Clinton needs at this point in the election. She knows that most voters see her as the only candidate and she continues to play up that fact.

On the other side of things, Trump called on African-American voters to vote for him, telling them that they had nothing to lose and that their cities were “war zones.” Adding to the hilarity, these speeches were typically delivered to white crowds.

So long as Clinton continues to play it safe, she should be able to easily defeat Trump in November. Trump seems to always make a fool of himself at every single rally he hosts and that trend doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon.

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Clinton Succumbs to Trump for the First Time in Weeks

For the first time in weeks, Hillary Clinton has fallen to Donald Trump in a general election poll conducted by the LA Times / USC.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton – 43%

Trump continues to struggle in most polls, but he managed to top Clinton in this one. Not surprisingly, Trump milked the Louisiana disaster, posing for photos, while handing out Playdoh to survivors. The simple fact that Trump appeared in Louisiana, while Clinton and President Barack Obama have yet to make a formal appearance, earned Trump brownie points with voters who are moved by stories like this.

For the last few weeks, Clinton has kept silent and has largely avoided the spotlight whenever possible. Many of her supporters are growing frustrated and want to see her start to push Trump back before he has a chance to recover in the polls. Starting next month, Clinton will be bringing Bernie Sanders with her on the campaign trail, in an effort to win over working-class and young voters.

While most experts predict Clinton will win the election, do not rule out the possibility of Trump rising back up and challenging Clinton.

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Clinton Tops Trump in 3 Polls

Hillary Clinton managed to beat Donald Trump in 3 polls by Pew Research, Rasmussen Reports, and Reuters/Ipsos.

Pew Research:

  • Hillary Clinton – 41%
  • Donald Trump – 37%

Rasmussen Reports:

  • Hillary Clinton – 41%
  • Donald Trump – 39%


  • Hillary Clinton – 41%
  • Donald Trump – 36%


Every poll in the recent weeks has went in Clinton’s favor. She continues to be the dominate candidate, and for most political experts, it is a forgone conclusion that she will win the election.

However, Trump isn’t giving up without a fight. Knowing that he is slipping in the polls, he shuffled his campaign staff, and even said on Thursday that he understood he had said hurtful things in the past and that he was only speaking out of passion. While this wasn’t a direct apology, it was the closest thing to one that we will ever get from Trump.

None the less, Clinton should be able to beat Trump so long as she continues to play the moderate role. In many voter’s eyes, Trump is far too radical and they disagree with his racially charged policies. Clinton has managed to stay clear of Trump’s playground tactics and seems content to challenge him in the upcoming debate, which will require Trump to talk about substantive policy and not just talking points.

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Trump Gets Trumped by Clinton in Michigan

The latest Michigan poll by FOX 2 Detroit/Mitchell has been an unfriendly one for Donald Trump, who fell by 10 points to his rival Hillary Clinton.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Donald Trump – 39%

Clinton continues to play the slow game and it is working. By letting Trump dominate the media, she has completely taken the spotlight off of her own campaign and her political baggage.

Every day, Trump or his campaign says something idiotic to the media. Dating back to the beginning, it started with Trump’s wall and Muslim ban proposals, and today, it continues with his war of words with the Khan family and other individuals.

Trump’s biggest weaknesses are his inability to keep quiet and apologize when he makes mistakes. The tough guy persona he plays may work in business, but in politics it is the equivalent of tying your own noose. Politics is a game of subtlety and it requires a nuisanced individual that understands the intricacies of such a game. These are qualities that Trump does not possess and that his opponent does.

As the election draws closer, expect Clinton to cement the undecided voter block and push Trump into a corner in the presidential debates, where he will no longer be able to hide from discussing actual policy, beyond his usual talking points.

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Clinton Maintains Dominance over Trump

The latest general election poll by NBC News/SM has placed Hillary Clinton 6 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 43%
  • Donald Trump – 37%
  • Gary Johnson – 11%
  • Jill Stein – 4%

Trump cannot seem to gain ground in the polls. All of his recent mistakes have caused his fringe supporters to flock to Johnson. For voters who saw Trump as a difference maker, as the candidate to bring about change, and to reshape American politics, they will now be forced to accept Clinton for what she is, vote Johnson or Stein, or abstain. No matter which direction these voters go, it will be a net gain for Clinton who will square off against a severely weakened Trump.

Clinton’s campaign has managed to do well despite all of the baggage she is carrying. While Trump’s baggage has sunk his campaign, Clinton has avoided the spotlight and continues to poll well and to win over new voters from all sides of the political spectrum. She is far from a perfect candidate, but she appears to be the most normal option of all of the major candidates.

Both Johnson and Stein have no chance of winning the election, but they can serve as a thorn in the side of Trump.

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Trump Falls to Clinton in Florida

The latest Florida poll by NBC/WSJ/Marist has revealed that Hillary Clinton continues to hold a 5 point lead over Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 44%
  • Donald Trump – 39%

Clinton continues to poll well against Trump, who has been falling for the last two weeks. Florida is a difficult state for a Democrat to win, but Clinton is the only candidate that closely resembles Republican values. If Clinton continues to court big business and offer basic progressive policy, she should be able to easily win the election in November.

As for Trump, he continues to make blunders in the media. His most recent one involved him calling on his voters to police voting stations in November in order to prevent voter fraud. However, voter fraud is a non-issue in the United States and Trump’s call to action may be illegal as it constitutes voter intimidation, something that is illegal and frowned upon in the United States.

Both candidates are incredibly unpopular, but Clinton appears to be the lesser of the two evils and the most leveled-headed candidate. Of course, this isn’t a hard thing to accomplish when you are matching up against the likes of Trump.

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The Trump Slump Continues, Trails Clinton by 6

Donald Trump continues to struggle against Hillary Clinton, falling to him by 6 points in the latest Bloomberg poll.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 50%
  • Donald Trump – 44%

Trump cannot build a lead. Now, he seems poised to continue his slump after he made a comment about his “Second Amendment people” assassinating Clinton. Politicians are human and they are prone to mistakes, but how many mistakes can Trump make before his campaign dies? At this point, it seems like the public has finally had enough of his shenanigans and it is starting to show in the polls.

Clinton continues to play the safe game, reacting to Trump’s blunders, and letting her opponent control the spotlight. In some elections, a strategy like this could be dangerous, but with an opponent like Trump, it is working well for Clinton and it is keeping the spotlight off of her numerous scandals. Clinton seems poised to take the election and become the first female president in the history of the United States. This isn’t to say she is the best candidate, but at this point, she seems like the only sensible candidate when pitted against the likes of a Trump.

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Trump Continues to Slump as Clinton Surges

This past week has been a rocky one for Donald Trump. All the momentum has been seized by Hillary Clinton, who managed to top Trump by 7 points in the latest IBD/TIPP poll.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 46%
  • Donald Trump – 39%

Clinton continues to dominate Trump, something that has become the normal following the Democratic National Convention.

The poll asked the usual questions, concluding the following:

  • 47 percent of voters believe Clinton will do a better job at handling the economy, up from 44 percent last month.
  • 43 percent of voters view Clinton favorably, as opposed to 33 percent for Trump.
  • 50 percent of voters believe Clinton cares more about American workers, while only 40 percent said this for Trump.
  • Of Clinton’s supporters, 51 percent say they strongly back her, while only 47 percent say this about Trump.

When you account for the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein, Trump’s numbers sink even further.


However, if Johnson wants to receive an invite to the presidential debates, he will need to grab 15 percent of the vote in the polls.

Clinton will more than likely win the election in November if things continue as they are now. Trump seems unable to seize the momentum and he continues to make disastrous political blunders that make him look immature and unfit to be the next president.

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Clinton Stomps Trump by 15 Points

The latest poll by McClatchy/Marist has placed Hillary Clinton 15 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Donald Trump – 33%

Clinton continues to dominate Trump in the polls. Trump is struggling to gain any ground in the polls and his childish demeanor hasn’t helped his case at all.

Even though Clinton is carrying a lot of baggage at the moment, the media remains fixated on Trump and his slew of political blunders. Trump hasn’t helped his case at all with his attacks towards the Khan family and his incoherent talking points are causing him to push even the most devoted Republicans away from the party. Earlier this week, he suggested that he saw tapes showing the exchange of $400 million to the Iranians, but later dismissed his previous comments as a lie.

As for Clinton, she is heavily benefiting from a united Democratic Party. Even though she is unpopular with certain sections of the party, they stand behind her and are ready to vote for her in November. Due to this, she is able to focus on policy and winning over voters, instead of constantly antagonizing her own party, much like Trump is doing on a nearly daily basis.

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Clinton Stretches Lead to 8 Points over Trump

The latest poll by NBC News/SM has placed Hillary Clinton 8 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 50%
  • Donald Trump – 42%

Clinton continues to poll well against Trump. Luckily for Clinton, Trump continues to paint himself as a candidate that is not suited to be president.

Trump’s biggest problem is his inability to apologize. After making a massive political blunder in criticizing the Khan family, Trump continues to refuse to apologize and is hellbent on spinning the story and somehow painting the Khan family as the villains. As a Republican, it is sinful to the party’s ideology to insult fallen soldiers and their families, and this is something that Trump needs to come to terms with if he wants to be a successful presidential candidate.

In addition, Trump has flip-flopped on his Ukraine policy. Previously, he bashed President Barack Obama for not doing enough to help Ukraine, but earlier this week, his stance changed, and he now supports Russia controlling the region. These type of hypocritical flip-flops are costly and only serve to highlight how he lacks knowledge about these subjects.

This is not to suggest that Clinton is the perfect candidate, or that she hasn’t made mistakes. She certainly has made her fair share of political blunders, like the email and DNC scandals. Still, she is much better at recovering from these disasters and doesn’t come across as a petty 69-year-old toddler like Trump does.

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