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Americans Value Jobs over Global Warming

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that the majority of Americans see global warming as an important issue. However, they tend to view the economy and job creation as a more important topic.

How serious is global warming?

  • Very serious – 35%
  • Somewhat serious – 28%
  • Not very serious – 16%
  • Not at all serious – 17%
  • Not sure – 4%

What is global warming caused by?

  • Human activity – 44%
  • Long-term planetary trends – 39%
  • Something else – 7%
  • Not sure – 10%

What is more important?

  • Solving global warming – 27%
  • Creating jobs – 63%
  • Not sure – 10%

Are Americans being selfish by valuing the economy over global warming?

  • Yes – 29%
  • No – 53%
  • Not sure – 17%

At a time when the average American is struggling to make a living, it is not surprising to see the economy viewed as a more important topic by Americans. Most people know that global warming and climate change are important long-term issues, but when Americans are struggling to support their families, buy groceries, and plan for retirement, they quickly become unimportant. Solving global warming doesn’t immediately make an individual’s life easier and sadly it is easier for them to push major problems off into the future when they no longer affect them.

Photo credit: Grace University.