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Arizona Governor: Ducey and DuVal Are Tied in an Intense Race

Rasmussen Reports, 8/27 – 8/28

Arizona Governor

  • Doug Ducey – Republican – 40%
  • Fred DuVal – Democrat – 40%
  • Other – 8%
  • Undecided – 13%

Rasmussen Report’s recent poll covering the Arizona Governor race has revealed a dead even tie between Republican Doug Ducey and Democrat Fred DuVal. The poll asked 850 likely voters who they would vote for in an election. 47% of the voters were male, while 53% were female, the majority of the poll was over the age of 40, 77% of voters were white, and 36% of voters were Republican, 28% Democrat, and 36% identified as other.

Both Ducey and DuVal achieved 40% of the vote. The race for Arizona Governor is extremely close. Overall, 48% of voters see Ducey as favorable, while 42% say the same about DuVal. Both candidates are favorable in the eyes of voters.

In terms of name recognition, only 7% of voters haven’t heard of Ducey while 19% haven’t heard of DuVal. If DuVal can increase his presence through campaigning and advertising, he may be able to net additional votes from people who have never heard of him. He can use this to his advantage as these blocks of voters do not yet have a perception of his character and overall platform.

When it comes to party voting, 79% of Democrats say that they will vote for DuVal while Ducey only earns 75% of the Republican vote. Independent voters also tend to favor DuVal, statistics show that he will sway 37% of the independent vote, whereas his opponent, Ducey, will only earn around 29%. Of those voters, 33% remain undecided or unwilling to choose either of the two aforementioned candidates.

This election is very close and it will likely be decided in the final weeks of campaigning. Both candidates are able to tap into a plethora of major issues like immigration, the economy, and Obamacare in an effort to help them win votes.

Photo credit: AP