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Arkansas Governor: Hutchinson and Ross Is a Toss-Up

Rasmussen Reports, 10/13 – 10/15

Arkansas Governor

  • Asa Hutchinson – Republican – 49%
  • Mike Ross – Democrat – 47%
  • Other – 1%
  • Undecided – 3%

The Democrat Mike Ross has caught up to his Republican opponent Asa Hutchinson in the Arkansas Governor race. The results of the latest Rasmussen Reports poll have reclassified this election as a toss-up. The poll asked 940 likely voters who they would vote for if an election were to occur today. 48 percent chose Hutchinson and 45 percent chose Ross.

Ross has made significant advances since the previous poll, which pegged him at 42 percent and Hutchinson at 46 percent.

Voters also have a favorable opinion of Hutchinson. In fact, 58 percent of voters believe that he is a favorable candidate, while 54 percent say the same about Ross.

On the topic of major issues, 47 percent of voters trust Hutchinson with government spending to Ross’ 39 percent. For taxes, 47 percent support Hutchinson to Ross’ 40 percent. Hutchinson also leads on the topic of social issues. He secured 46 percent of the vote, while Ross had 40 percent.  Finally, voters also trust Hutchinson when it comes to government ethics and corruption. 43 percent of voters believe that he is reliable, ethical and not corrupt, while 40 percent say the same about Ross.

In the most recent debate, the two candidates had vastly different views on voter ID laws. Ross took the classical Democrat stance and attacked voter ID laws, stating, that there is no evidence of voter fraud and that they aren’t needed. Hutchinson followed the party line as well, saying that voter ID laws guarantee the integrity of the voting process.

Photo credit: Arkansas News.