The latest on the presidential horse race.

Carson Comes out Strong in Michigan, Trump Falters

The latest primary poll by WXYZ-TV/Detroit Free Press for Michigan has revealed that Ben Carson is firmly on top of his Democratic opponents, while Donald Trump failed to beat both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Head-to-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 46% – Donald Trump 38%
  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Ben Carson 48%
  • Bernie Sanders 48% – Donald Trump 36%
  • Bernie Sanders 36% – Ben Carson 45%

Carson, a local from Michigan, polled well in his home state. In recent weeks, Trump and Carson have traded the lead in various polls. Both candidates are polling well across the country and securing individual victories in states like Iowa, Michigan, and along the east coast. Carson is far more popular with the radical sect of the Republican Party, while Trump polls well with moderate voters and those who have strong opinions on immigration and tax reform.

Still, it is unlikely that the Republicans will head into the general election with Carson as their candidate. His victories over both Sanders and Clinton shouldn’t scare the Democrats as it is unlikely that they will face him. However, Trump’s failure to top Clinton and Sanders is alarming as he stands a better chance to represent the party. In the case that Trump falters and Carson disappears, expect to see Marco Rubio step up and represent the party in 2016. If this prediction comes true, Rubio would match up well against Clinton as they share a lot of the same beliefs on major issues.

Photo credit: The Grio.