The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton and Cruz Top Wisconsin

The latest Wisconsin poll by Loras College has placed Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton in the lead of their respective parties.

Which Democratic candidate do you want to win?

  • Ted Cruz – 38%
  • Donald Trump – 31%
  • John Kasich – 18%

Which Republican candidate do you want to win?

  • Hillary Clinton – 47%
  • Bernie Sanders – 41%

Bernie Sanders lead in Wisconsin has evaporated. Earlier polls placed him ahead of Clinton. Still, polls are often flimsy and slight changes like this one shouldn’t be overly concerning for Sanders and his campaign. Heading into Tuesday’s primary, it is nearly impossible to predict who will win the state and it could go either way.

As for the Republicans, Donald Trump is struggling to gain momentum in Wisconsin. Much of this is due to the heavy scrutiny that he has faced in the recent weeks as the Republican Party works tirelessly to vilify him. Cruz is by no means a suitable replacement for Trump, as he is equally as crazy as his Republican counterpart, but he is the only other option this late into primary season and he will more than likely score a victory in Wisconsin.

John Kasich may win a few votes in Wisconsin, but he has zero chance of winning the state’ primary. His campaign has run out of steam and the only primary that he has been able to win is his home state of Ohio.