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Clinton and Sanders Decimate the Republicans in a National Poll

The latest poll by NBC/WSJ has revealed that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hold a commanding lead over the majority of the Republican candidates.

Head-to-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 50% – Donald Trump 42%
  • Hillary Clinton 47% – Ben Carson 47%
  • Hillary Clinton 47% – Marco Rubio 44%
  • Hillary Clinton 47% – Jeb Bush 43%
  • Bernie Sanders 50% – Donald Trump 41%
  • Bernie Sanders 46% – Marco Rubio 41%

The Democrats performed extremely well in this round of polls. The only Republican candidate that came out strong was Carson, who only managed to tie Clinton. Trump lost by a decent margin to both Clinton and Sanders. Trump’s campaign is struggling to gain momentum in recent polls and he is starting to lose significant ground to Carson. Marco Rubio has slightly gained in the polls, while Jeb Bush has remained stagnant for the last several weeks.

The Democrats can rest assured that they can take on the Republicans regardless of who wins the nomination. Clinton will poll well solely on name recognition, while Sanders offers a unique platform that is enticing for young and working class voters. If Sanders can shake the negative image that he is an evil socialist, he will continue to gain in the polls as he is a far more honest candidate than Clinton and he is genuinely interested in fixing America’s woes.

Photo credit: The Hill.

  • Kate Branch

    I take exception to the assumption that Hillary does not care or is not interested in fixing the problems in this country. I also believe we need an experienced candidate in foreign affairs and one of my big issues with Sanders is that he has given me nothing on those issues.

    • Richard Pryor, a long time ago joked that George Forman had an interesting style of boxing… None. The same could be said for Sanders foreign policy. Except that’s not a joke.