The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton and Sanders Top Trump in General Election Polls

The latest general election polls by CNN/ORC has revealed that Donald Trump would likely lose against both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


  • Donald Trump 41% – Hillary Clinton 53%
  • Donald Trump 38% – Bernie Sanders 58%

Both Democratic candidates match up well against Trump and his racist rhetoric. Clinton is capable of winning the centrist vote and pulling in establishment supporters, while Sanders is more adept at channeling anger in a sensible way, unlike Trump who focuses on racism and hatred.

Trump has been an interesting experiment and he will leave his mark on politics, one way or another, but he isn’t a reliable general election candidate for the Republicans. When voters get serious and vote for the candidate that they want to be their next president, they will more than likely turn to Clinton or Sanders, not Trump. None of his policies have been groundbreaking and he has shied away from offering substantive policy in any way.

Of all the candidates, Sanders has the best ideals and would promote the most positive change, Clinton would be a typical establishment Democratic candidate, and Trump would stand to cause the most damage, both domestically and internationally.

Regardless, voters seem to be wising up and the Trump experiment may son be coming to an end as American citizens get ready to head to the polls and vote for their next president in the fall.

Photo credit: JS Online.