The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton and Sanders Top Trump Nationally

Donald Trump may have dominated on Super Tuesday, but according to the latest poll by CNN/ORC, he would struggle in a general election against both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

General Election

  • Hillary Clinton 52% – Donald Trump 44%
  • Bernie Sanders 55% – Donald Trump 43%

Clinton appears to have locked down the Democratic nomination. Sander’s campaign will continue the illusion that they are still competing, but in reality, he is trending downward and looks unable to topple Clinton at this point.

Luckily for Clinton, she is starting to poll better against Trump. In past polls, she lost to Trump, but now that she is very likely going to represent the Democrats, she is starting to perform well against him.

For most Americans, Trump isn’t a qualified candidate. Instead, he offers the promise of change and is committed to breaking the political status quo. He isn’t polite, he doesn’t care about political correctness, he is openly racist, and he has found a way to tap into the anger that Americans feel as a whole.

If Trump goes head-to-head against Clinton, it is difficult to say how such an election would turn out. Clinton’s unpopularity could hurt her and a large part of her success will depend on where Sander’s supporters end up. If a decent fraction of them are bitter and decide to back Trump – who isn’t a true Republican – it would create a very unfavorable situation for Clinton, which could result in a potential loss and Trump becoming the next president.

Photo credit: Politicus USA.