The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton and Trump Tie in Pennsylvania

The latest Pennsylvania poll by Public Policy Polling has revealed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are locked in a virtual tie in the state.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 44%
  • Donald Trump – 44%

Clinton has finally toppled Bernie Sanders and was declared the winner of the Democratic nomination by the Associated Press on Monday night. While Sanders continues to hold out, Clinton can start to focus on her general election strategy and move on from the burdensome primary cycle.

It won’t be hard for Clinton to develop a reasonable strategy against Trump. His recent comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel haven’t helped his case and have heavily turned the media and a lot of his fringe supporters against him. If Clinton can take advantage of the situation, she should be able to convince Sanders supporters that voting for Trump out of bitterness is a bad idea.

As for Trump, he needs to tone down his rhetoric in a hurry. His recent comments about Judge Curiel, even if misconstrued, make him seem like a whiny brat. It is time for Trump to focus on policy, as that is the only way that he will be able to win over supporters from the center and left.

Photo credit: Democracy Now.