The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Beats Trump, Cruz and Bush, Loses to Rubio and Carson

The latest CNN/ORC poll pitted Hillary Clinton against the major Republican candidates. She scored victories against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush, but lost to Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

Head-to-Head Polls

  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Donald Trump – 46%
  • Hillary Clinton – 50%
  • Ted Cruz – 47%
  • Marco Rubio – 49%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Ben Carson – 50%
  • Hillary Clinton – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Jeb Bush – 47%

Clinton performed well against two major candidates in Trump and Cruz. Trump is a wildcard candidate. As it stands, it is impossible to predict whether he will win the nomination or not. None the less, his style has been groundbreaking and he has shattered the political status quo that has existed for many years. Clinton’s defeat of Cruz is promising as he is a traditional GOP establishment candidate and an important one for Clinton to defeat.

Rubio outperformed Clinton, but not by a large margin. If things click and Rubio can get the support he requires, he could legitimately challenge Clinton in a presidential election. He is a moderate Republican that falls into the GOP establishment category. He is young, could appeal to youth, and is much more normal than candidates like Trump or Bush.

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  • danteardenz

    Rubio is no ” moderate ” but a total FOX News Neoconservative .
    That means constant war abroad ,and poverty at home …. ending Social Security ,Education aide, Safety Net.
    He has one boss …the 28 billion dollar man ,Sheldon Adelson who backs the ” Latino ” Golden boy ” ( what Rubio means in Sephardic ) ,
    His head to head showing is just generic.
    Rubio ,” ain’t got it “.

    Despite his big backing ,like Bush 3 he is getting no real traction.
    Trump is the man to beat….a real man.

    Where is the brainless brain surgeon in the polling ?
    Has the religious fanatic finally fadded ?
    His latest speech calling Hsmas ,” Hummss ” , and Fata ,” Feta ” should finally send the fool back to his 7 th Day Adventist Cult ,and lecture circuit.