The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Camp Left Asking Questions as Trump Pulls Ahead

Donald Trump is back. According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Trump has managed to surpass Hillary Clinton by a meager 2 points.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton – 43%
  • Gary Johnson – 7%

Trump has managed to regain the lead, something that hasn’t happened much in the recent weeks. Will Trump’s lead last? Who knows. However, with the upcoming presidential debates fast approaching, expect to see major changes in the polls as the candidates will be forced to deal with each other head-to-head.

In a debate scenario, Clinton should have the edge over Trump, as she has far more experience in debates and understands how they work. However, Trump is always a wildcard. If Trump can engage Clinton with his bully tactics, he may be able to get her to sink to his level, and if that happens, all predictions are out the window.

In addition, it remains to be seen whether the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson will get an invite to the debates. While he has no chance of winning the election, Johnson could be 2016’s Ralph Nader and cause a headache for either of the major candidates by fracturing their support base and plundering valuable percentage points.

Photo credit: The Fiscal Times.

  • BurkeVA

    I am always left to wonder who actually writes the text of your postings. Trump has a “meager” 2 point lead. The last CNN poll, Trump was down 8! That’s a 10-point turnaround in two weeks. And Clinton should have the edge over Trump? Only if the moderators don’t ask her any questions about her email and Foundation scandals. And even then, Trump will destroy her. She has a complete record of failure. How does she defend herself, if, of course, she can stop coughing?

  • Monab

    Watched analysis of the poll taken – more Republicans than democrats and the rest were apparently independents. The comment from one pollster was that he wondered why CNN would do it that way because it was strange There’s another poll that has her up 6 points but way ahead in the electoral college votes To BurkeVA – what about all the scandals in Trump’s business background that have actually led to charges? He has scammed so many people with the model agency, the Trump University, not paying small businesses and workers hired in his projects etc. He has no experience in government or the military and all one has to do is listen to his tirades and his readings off the teleprompter to know. Fact checking proves that he doesn’t care about the truth.

  • Carl Hudson

    The only question the Clinton campaign is asking: Should we put Bill’s office in the west or east wing?