The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Cleans up Against the Republicans

The latest round of political polls by MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist have revealed that Hillary Clinton has managed to beat every single Republican candidate.

  • Donald Trump – 41%
  • Hillary Clinton – 52%
  • Hillary Clinton – 51%
  • Ted Cruz – 44%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Marco Rubio – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Ben Carson – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Jeb Bush – 45%

This is the first poll in recent weeks where Clinton beat all of the Republican challengers. Typically, she would beat Donald Trump and lose to the other candidates. These results are a good sign for Clinton and it shows that her campaign is doing well and that she has a strong chance of defeating whatever candidate the Republicans throw at her.

Realistically, Clinton wants to face Trump or Ben Carson in an election. Trump and Carson, both extreme candidates, would get ridiculed by her in an eleciton cycle and she could easily expose them in a debate. On the other hand, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would have a better chance of matching up against her in the eyes of voters. Both candidates are experienced Senators and have a stronger grasp on the nuisances required to be successful politicians.

As for Jeb Bush, his campaign is in a lot of trouble. While the polling margin was close, he will never escape the nomination process because he cannot convince voters that he is relevant.

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