The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Continues to Hold a Steady Lead Over Her Democratic Rivals

The latest release by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton continues to hold a commanding lead over her fellow Democrats for the presidential nomination.

  • How likely is Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination?
    • Very likely – 47%
    • Somewhat likely – 34%
    • Not very likely – 9%
    • Not at all likely – 4%
    • Not sure – 6%

The race for the Democrat presidential nomination is between Clinton and Bernie Sanders. While Sanders is starting to gain momentum and funding, Clinton is still a household name and a popular one at that. If she maintains a steady platform, she will more than likely take the nomination. However, Sanders is a wildcard and his far leftwing policies may force Clinton to budge from her comfort zone, which could result in a drop in the polls.

Previous polls had Clinton 44 points ahead of Sanders. However, a recent Quinnipiac poll has her at a much lower 19 point lead.

The poll was conducted on July 2 and 5. 1,000 likely U.S. voters were asked whether they would vote for Clinton or the other Democrat presidential candidates. The gender demographics for the poll were split evenly down the middle. 30 percent of voters were aged 18-39, 52 percent were 40-64, and 18 percent were over 65. The majority of the voters were white. Lastly, 31 percent of voters identified as Republican, 35 percent as Democrat, and 34 percent as other.

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  • Bosco

    I guess Grunge is a front for Hilary’s campaign organization. Every other credible news organization is reporting strong negative momentum in Hilary’s poll numbers. I just saw a poll for one of the key early primary states where she is only 8 points ahead of Sanders and would lose if you combined the poll numbers of Sanders and Biden. So, at least in some areas, Hilary is losing to the “anti-Hilary” preferences. It would be interesting to see how many democrats are favoring other candidates primarily because of her lying and conniving with foreign governments for personal profit. Maybe the democrat party has a conscience after all. Maybe they aren’t all goose-stepping drones of the Washington/Chicago elitists.

  • Anonymiculous

    She holds the “edge” until the first debate. That’s why she is being protected. As Bill well knows, the less the Hilary, the better.