The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Crushes Trump in the Latest General Election Poll

The latest general election poll by Bloomberg has placed Hillary Clinton well ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Donald Trump – 37%
  • Gary Johnson – 9%

Trump is starting to lose votes to both Clinton and Gary Johnson. The latest gun drama has put Trump in a perfect position to push his anti-Muslim agenda. However, the GOP remains split. Some GOPers are falling back into line and supporting Trump, while others are breaking from the party and have realized that stricter gun laws are needed.

Clinton finds herself in an equally advantageous position following the Orlando shooting. She can now push forward with gun control legislation, a move that will win over liberal voters and independents, as well as the LGBT community who is now staunchly anti-gun. The past year alone has seen some of the most horrific mass shootings in American history and the country is now ready for a legitimate gun control solution.

As for Johnson. He stands no chance of winning, but he will steal votes from Trump. Voters who dislike Clinton, but aren’t willing to go full-crazy with Trump, will vote for Johnson as a way to disrupt the election. In the end, this move will hurt Trump more than it hurts Clinton.

Photo credit: The Libertarian Republic.

  • danteardenz

    Funny how a man like Trump who is not the usual class warfare in reverse against the poor,and working people,snd who is not into the War Globalist agenda is bring labelled extreme just for wanting to protect our borders and keep tye sanctity of citizenship .
    Gary Johnson is a no win candidate put up by the Koch Brothers to stop Trump from taking the Republican Party away from them .

    Mrs Clinton simply a third term for Bill and is just Bush ,Obama clones .