The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Decimates Sanders in the South Carolina Primary

Residents of South Carolina flocked to the polls today to vote in the Democratic primary. Hillary Clinton came out strong, beating Bernie Sanders by a margin of 3 to 1.

South Carolina Results

  • Hillary Clinton – 73.5%
  • Bernie Sanders – 26%

Most experts predicted a massive Clinton victory in South Carolina, similar to how Sanders annihilated her in New Hampshire. However, the timing of this victory is what’s important and it could lead to substantial momentum heading into Super Tuesday. Clinton has polling better as of late and Sanders appears to be caught in a rut.

If Sanders wants to retake the lead, he will need to push harder and attract voters in states that he is less popular in. Super Tuesday will be make or break for his campaign and a poor showing will result in his demise.

Still, the Democrats have a tough decision to make. Historically, Clinton hasn’t matched up well against Donald Trump, whereas, Sanders has. If Clinton leads the party into the 2016 election, she may get stonewalled by Trump who is seen as a more aggressive, but interesting candidate, who is willing to speak his mind.

Photo credit: CBC.