The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Defeats Trump, Cruz, Bush, Loses to Rubio

The latest batch of head-to-head polls have been released by Public Polling Policy. Hillary Clinton performed well, beating Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, while tying Ben Carson, and losing to Marco Rubio.

Head-to-Head Polls

  • Hillary Clinton 46% – Donald Trump 43%
  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Ted Cruz 43%
  • Hillary Clinton 43% – Marco Rubio 44%
  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Ben Carson 45%
  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Jeb Bush 39%

Clinton managed to defeat the two most important candidates. Her victories over Trump and Cruz are a sign that she is ready to compete against them in a general election.

Carson tying Clinton is a minor victory for the retired neurosurgeon, but it means next to nothing as Carson has very little chance of regaining his stature in the polls.

The biggest threat to Clinton in a general election is Rubio. The Florida senator managed to edge out Clinton by one percent. Still, his victory is well within the margin of error.

Overall, Clinton’s performance against the Republicans is exactly where it needs to be. She managed to beat the two leading candidates and narrowly lost to the third place Rubio. If Clinton wants to build her support base, she will need to keep exposing Trump and Cruz for their radical policies, something that isn’t hard given how much material there is to work with.

Photo credit: Gawker.