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Clinton Edges out Republican Challengers in PPP Poll

Public Policy Polling, 30/9 Clinton vs. Republican Candidates

  • Clinton – 43%
  • Bush – 43%
  • Clinton – 45%
  • Christie – 41%
  • Clinton – 47%
  • Cruz – 39%
  • Clinton – 46%
  • Huckabee – 42%
  • Clinton – 47%
  • Paul – 42%

Public Policy Polling issued a poll at the end of September that collected data on potential elections involving the favored Democrat nomination, Hillary Clinton and the various Republican challengers that she could face in a presidential election. The results revealed that she would defeat almost every single candidate and that she would tie Jeb Bush. In an election against Jeb Bush, Clinton would tie him with 43 percent of the vote. If she were to face Chris Christie, she would achieve 45 percent of the vote, while he would only secure 41 percent. Clinton would tally 46 percent of the votes against Mike Huckabee and his 42 percent. Rand Paul would receive 42 percent of the votes to Clinton’s 47 percent. Ted Cruz would secure the least votes of all. Only 39 percent of voters would vote for him, the other 47 percent would choose Clinton.

In addition, 39 percent of the participants in this poll identified as conservative, 29 percent as liberal, and 33 percent as moderate. The party split was nearly even. 35 percent of the voters claimed to be Democrat, 36 percent Republican, and 29 percent independent. These numbers are interesting as the results in the poll favor the Democrats. Are Republicans upset with the direction of the party? Are voters beginning to see how outdated the party is? These are important questions to ask.

Clinton has enjoyed strong leads over most of her Republican challengers throughout many of the polls. Still, none of these numbers matter until we know which candidates are nominated to represent each of the parties. Stay tuned for future updates as the elections approach.

Photo credit: CBS News.

  • robertkime

    I could not agree more, the democrat party is outdated and way behind the times. We need to bring back America not continue to bury her in the morass of Hollywood and D.C. hacks who have no clue as to realities of the trouble we are in due to the democrat policies. The Hollywood group speak as though they know something we don’t because they are well known faces…that’s all they are! Let’s not retreat into their world, let’s put America back to the people of this once great country. Yes the Republican party is old fashioned in that it wants to turn the tide of the part time jobbers, the debt barons, the deficit hawks, and the weak leaders of the democrat party who won’t allow America to lead the free world any longer. We need strength in the oval office and just name one thing Hillary has done, just one accomplishment…just one!! You cannot do it.

    • Bertica

      She got Bill 1/2 million dollar speaking fees

  • Larry Reppert (Juntoa)