The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Extends Lead over Trump to 6 Points

The latest general election poll by NBC News/SM has placed Hillary Clinton 6 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 46%
  • Donald Trump – 40%
  • Gary Johnson – 8%
  • Jill Stein – 4%

With every new poll, it looks more and more like Trump is finished. While he is only trailing by 6 points, the combined 12% held by Gary Johnson and Jill Stein is no doubt the result of Trump’s epic collapse last week. The majority of moderate Republicans want nothing to do with Trump and would rather vote third party or Clinton. In this election alone, we’ve seen many lifelong Republicans announce that they will vote for Clinton.

The reality is, Trump is not liked by his party and the majority of the Republican elite who are supporting him are doing so out of necessity and party loyalty. With a fractured Republican Party, it seems unlikely that Trump will be able to come away with a win and a Clinton presidency is all but guaranteed at this point.

As for Clinton, she will continue to gobble up percentage points heading into the election. Clinton would have probably lost against some of the more moderate Republican options, given her immense political baggage, and how much the average American doesn’t like her and the elite class that she represents. None the less, the Republican Party pushed forward with Trump, and because of that, they will now lose the election to Clinton, handing the Democrats another historic victory in the game of presidential demographics.

Photo credit: CBC.

  • danteardenz

    What ” moderates in his party want nothing to do with him ?”. The GOP of last 25 years has no ” moderates ”
    It’s the ” Neoconservative ” Cabal of Globalist / Koch Brothers National Review ,Weekly Standard Wall Street Goldman Sachs establishment opposing him . They want open borders ,Social Security handed to Wall Street , War with Putin ,and especially TTP ! Trump opposed all of this but was turned into ” extremist ” by corporate elite media ,allied with system matrix
    Clintons also allied with Globalist have same goals as anti Trump traitor GOP ‘ conservative”. Goldman Sachs her patrons . Rothchilds held fundraiser for her . George Soros . If Trump goes down they want Ryan ,Mc Cane Republicans to survive and help Clintons sell out agenda while being ” opposition”. Clever Matrix/ Dialectic played by Left / Right fraud .

    Fool them

    Vote Trump ,and no traitor Republican down ballot.