The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Grows Her Lead in Virginia

The latest Virginia poll by Gravis has placed Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump.

Head-to-Head Matchup

  • Hillary Clinton – 45%
  • Donald Trump – 41%

Clinton’s slight lead in Virginia is nothing to celebrate. As the presumptive Democratic nominee, she has a lot of ground to make up and the majority of her campaigning has avoided taking on Trump. None the less, Trump should be her main target as Bernie Sanders has little chance of winning the nomination, and if anything, Sanders has helped Clinton appear more progressive in the eyes of voters.

If Clinton can focus on a few progressive ideas and tie them to her centrist platform, she should perform favorably in the polls and score an easy win in the upcoming general election. Trump shouldn’t pose a threat and Clinton will have a lot of firepower to use against him in future debates.

As for Trump, he will need to continue to tone down his rhetoric, find a suitable vice president, and unify the GOP. He has already locked down hard right-wing voters, but he has made little effort to repair the rift between him and minorities, women, and voters he alienated with his crazy ideas. Unfortunately, the latter demographics make up a much more significant portion of voters and Trump will need to win them over if he wants to have even a remote chance in November’s election.

Photo credit: Texas GOP Vote.