The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Hammers Sanders in Iowa

The latest Iowa polls by Monmouth University and Loras College have revealed that Hillary Clinton holds a substantial lead over Bernie Sanders.


  • Hillary Clinton – 65%
  • Bernie Sanders – 24%

Loras College

  • Hillary Clinton – 62%
  • Bernie Sanders – 24%

Send out an SOS because Sanders campaign is rapidly losing steam as Clinton continues to capitalize on the momentum she has generated from the most recent debate and Benghazi hearing. Clinton has finally contained her political controversies. While they still exist and will come up, she has managed to bypass Benghazi with a successful performance at the hearing and the email scandal is starting to die down.

Sanders isn’t finished as a candidate, but he needs to step up his game in a hurry if he wants to win over voters. His platform is classically liberal and far more progressive than Clinton can boast, but he lacks the name recognition that comes with Clinton’s name.

If you have to compare both candidates, Sanders is far more honest and to the point, while Clinton’s history suggests that she is far more likely too lie and to manipulate the truth to benefit her situation. Clinton’s dishonesty is clearly evident in her ability to chance stances on several key issues at a moments notice and it was highlighted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a video from 2004.

Photo credit: USA Today.