The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Leads the Latest CNN Poll, Sanders Returns to Earth

The past few weeks have been a wild ride for Bernie Sanders. The latest poll by CNN has revealed that Hillary Clinton has taken her position back as the top Democrat candidate.

Which Democrat candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 42%
  • Bernie Sanders – 24%
  • Joe Biden – 22%

Clinton beat out Sanders by nearly double. Oddly enough, Joe Biden was only two points behind Sanders, despite not even confirming that he is going to run for president. Still, these results aren’t indicative that Clinton will maintain her lead and it is only one poll. Clinton is still a popular candidate for mainstream Democrats who blindly vote for the party. Sanders on the other hand is fighting against Clinton’s reputation and has to cement his platform every step of the way.

Biden hasn’t officially announced his bid for president and it is highly likely that he may not run, but for now, he remains a legitimate candidate with a strong track record in America’s political establishment. Should he decide to run, he will easily siphon votes from both Clinton and Sanders.

Lucky for the Democrats, there are only three main contenders for president, unlike the Republicans who currently have over 10 candidates fighting for the same honor. In the end, the race will more than likely be between Sanders and Clinton and Sander’s only chance of winning rests on his ability to convince young voters that he has their best interests in mind.

Photo credit: USA Today.