The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Narrowly Beats Sanders in New Hampshire

The latest poll by the Boston Glove and Suffolk has placed Hillary Clinton in the lead of the Democrats.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 37%
  • Bernie Sanders – 35%
  • Joe Biden – 11%
  • Jim Webb – 3%

The Democratic presidential debate changed a lot of things for Clinton. Many voters saw her as the clear victor, while supporters of Bernie Sanders claimed he performed well. Regardless, Clinton is starting to come out on top in recent polls and her campaign is starting to heat up.

The wildcard for the Democrats is still Joe Biden. If he chooses to run for president, he will easily siphon votes from both Clinton and Sanders and he may be a more popular candidate then both of them. Biden also has an impressive resume of experience, having served in the U.S. Senate, on several committees, and most notably as vice president.

Sanders is still building momentum and challenging for the Democrats top spot. Young voters are enamored by his platform, but Sanders needs to work harder to convince older voters, who are less interested in his quasi-socialist platform.

Jim Webb has earned a slight bump in the polls following the debate, but not enough to cement himself as a legitimate candidate. His recent comments about CNN rigging the debate will hurt his campaign, as it makes him look bitter and childish in the eyes of voters.

Photo credit: Outside the Beltway.