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Clinton Narrowly Edges out Trump in National Poll

Now that the nomination process is more or less settled, it is time to start analyzing head-to-head matchups between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In the latest two polls by GWU/Battleground and USA Today/Suffolk, Clinton managed to beat Trump.


  • Hillary Clinton 46%
  • Donald Trump – 43%

USA Today/Suffolk

  • Hillary Clinton – 50%
  • Donald Trump – 39%

While these two polls represent very different sets of data, the results in the GWU/Battleground poll seem much more realistic.

Clinton is not a popular candidate. Despite the fact that she is a Democrat, her opponent Bernie Sanders tends to poll a lot stronger against the various Republican candidates. While Trump is no angel, and despite being a billionaire, he tends to be far more capable of engaging the average American. Clinton often comes off as distant and robotic and her massive amounts of baggage make her an unattractive candidate.

If Trump can capitalize on the angry Sanders crowd, win over independent voters, and secure some form of the Latino vote – an extremely difficult task given his past comments – he may stand a chance against Clinton. Trump’s biggest strength is Clinton’s weaknesses.

Trump is no stranger to being loud and speaking his mind. If he can engage Clinton and lower her to the high school tactics that he has used all throughout the current election cycle, he will be able to humiliate her and make her look weak. As we’ve seen throughout the nomination process, Clinton tends to perform poorly when she is backed into a corner.

Photo credit: Current Sauce News.

  • danteardenz

    I’m no ” Conservative ” as defined by the Establishment Matrix today, but admire Trump.
    He is the only candidate who has truly taken on Globalist trade deals which are selling out the nation’s of the world’s economic Sovereignty.

    I consider him the true ” peace candidate ” and he understands the power ,and role of money .

    I’m so grateful he dispatched the awful Republican establishment .

    Mrs Clinton is no ” Liberal ” as defined by the phoney ” right wing ” which opposes Trump !
    She is funded by the same Establishment!

    If Trump stsys true ,he will sin in November .

  • Basedrum

    Whoever wrote this should stop writing forever. Trump has zero chance of winning this election.

    • danteardenz

      Talk about calling the kettle black ! The above should stop ” writing forever “.
      Trump is winning against all odds…self funded and opposing the Left / Right Establishment .