The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Pulls Ahead of Trump in a General Poll

The latest general election poll by Quinnipiac has placed Hillary Clinton 4 points ahead of Donald Trump.

  • Hillary Clinton – 45%
  • Donald Trump – 41%

Clinton’s lead is very small in this poll and it isn’t indicative that she is ready to pull ahead yet. As the election draws closer, expect to see her numbers grow based on her ability to lock down liberal voters. However, Clinton is a candidate that comes with an unprecedented amount of baggage. Her inconsistent political record, coupled with her email scandal, make her an incredibly risky candidate that a lot of American voters have trouble believing in.

Voters feel trapped in this upcoming election and voter apathy may be a real concern for both parties. There are no viable replacements for Democrats who dislike Clinton, unless voters are somehow willing to vote for Trump or take a gamble on Gary Johnson.

If anything, Trump stands the biggest chance of capturing unlikely voters. He continues to tone down his rhetoric and deny his past comments, and oddly enough, voters continue to buy into his message. If he can capitalize on the anger of Americans and channel that into votes, he may be able to challenge Clinton in the general election. None the less, a Trump victory has a lot of conditions and he will struggle to complete them all based on a number of factors.

Photo credit: WFMZ.