The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton, Sanders Slam Trump in New National Poll

Not long ago, these polls were filled with names, countless Republicans and one promising Democratic challenger. Now, the major focus is on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their upcoming battle in the general election.

The latest poll by CNN/ORC ruled heavily in Clinton’s favor, providing us with a taste of what is most likely to come in the upcoming general election.

Which candidate would you vote for president?

  • Hillary Clinton – 54%
  • Donald Trump – 41%

  • Bernie Sanders – 56%
  • Donald Trump -40%

Trump is now the face of the Republican Party and the GOP’s hopes rest on his shoulders. Early head-to-head polls are not ruling in his favor and it looks like this may be a tough election for him to win. Both Clinton and Sanders poll strongly against Trump and look poised to beat him in almost any matchup.

In reality, Clinton, the more unfavorable candidate, stands a bigger chance of losing to Trump, but even that reality, is far from realistic. So long as Clinton sticks to her centrist platform and appears to be slightly progressive, she will secure the left-wing vote and easily win the general election.

For Sanders, the far more progressive candidate of the two, he still needs to win the nomination. However, if he was somehow able to win the nomination, Sanders would more than likely crush Trump in a general election due to his platform being more attractive to the left-wing and the elusive young voter demographic. Sadly for Sanders, young and poor voters rarely vote and that fact alone cost him the nomination.

Photo credit: JS Online.