The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Stumbles Over FBI Probe, Trump One Point Back 

The latest general election poll by ABC News/Washington Post has revealed that Hillary Clinton is only 1 point ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 46%
  • Donald Trump – 45%

With the election less than 10 days away, Clinton has to be feeling the pressure. Only a week ago, it was a forgone conclusion that she would win, but with the FBI’s decision to reopen their investigation against her, she is now in full damage control mode and her once strong double-digit lead has completely evaporated.

Clinton should still do well at the polls on Nov. 8, but the FBI’s investigation has provided Trump’s imploding campaign with a glimmer of hope and it will possibly influence undecided Americans who are fed up of Clinton’s corruption.

With all of the presidential debates completed, it will be up to Trump to find a way to appeal to the American people. Trump TV has been a complete disaster and the production value is nonexistent. His rallies have settled down to some extent, but he is still guilty of egging on his supporters and challenging them to use intimidation to push his message. This can be seen in his call for them to police the polls on Election Day and in his call for his supporters to antagonize the media.

Photo credit: CBC.

  • Alice Croll

    COMEY needs to be impeached or forced to resign.
    He has put his middle finger on the election scale & has delivered the election to Trump.

    • glenn cheney

      Alice? To The Moon as Jackie Gleason would say…BTW, Care to share whatever it is you are smoking? Here’s the deal, it’ll make you squeal. Comey combayah got a message and it said “Either you release the new emails or we will.” The we, as you say the immediate source, but the few that do know the purveyor won’t say.
      Huma got caught stashing emails as insurance to maintain her position in the pack, but actually got tossed from the plane by the ROBO man.
      So, operatives all, want to know, but you can bet this red whale will pierce the firewall and catch the House of Legacy, owned by Obama and Hillary keeper of the keys, will soon be outed and in trash be a heap.

      • glenn cheney

        Does this suggest the DEMO’s will summon Dudley Do JOE I mean Do Right, to come riding in to save the day?
        This batch with stick!
        Question is containment. Hardly. This will jump the FIRE LINE to the DOJ, bet here the Lynch mob will be saddled up and ready to ride, to where is the problem.
        Meanwhile, at CIC/Hdqtrs, The CIF is beginning to consider extraction logistics.
        Darn, here goes the Legacy neighborhood. Might have more to worry about than real estate.
        No one can prove anyone is leaking to Wikie, and Wikie is so far very slicky, when they throw down the frown is soon to come round’….LEAKS R’ US, Sponsored by WIKIE, branding even a Donald could envy.
        The most disturbing aspect is the media commitment to spin it to win it. America can no longer trust mainstream media.
        Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

        • danteardenz

          When Obama appointed Comey let Clinton go initially all was well ….now he found more do to the Huma – Weiner connection ,and must move forward as the law instructs . Nixon was driven from office for WAY less then this . Mrs Clinton on Watergate Committee should know better !