The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Ties Trump in Virginia, Slaughters Him in California

The latest round of surveys for Virginia (Roanoke College) and California (KABC/SurveyUSA) have resulted in a tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and a Trump slaughter.


  • Hillary Clinton – 38%
  • Donald Trump – 38%


  • Hillary Clinton – 52%
  • Donald Trump – 38%

Clinton is slowly building up momentum in the polls and proving that she should be able to kill Trump in the general election. The Democrats are in a strong position in this election, and as unpopular as Clinton is, she is a more sensible choice than Trump.

The sooner Clinton can put Sanders down or find a way to bring him into the fold, the sooner she can move past her primary strategy and start focusing on her general election strategy.

Trump’s best chance of winning is to unify the GOP, convince independent voters, and find a way to tap into Bernie Sander’s angry supporters or hope that they abstain. Even though Sanders has lost, he has a lot of supporters who will be looking for a new candidate. Democratic Party experts believe they will fall into line, but the overall youthfulness of Sander’s supporters makes it hard to predict their allegiances.

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  • danteardenz

    California is now massively Democratic do to the Republican Parties own policies of extreme religion ,open borders ,and cruel economics .
    But Trump is not that far back ,nor does he need it .
    All he needs is what Romney got,and Ohio/ PA and he is in .
    Plus he will win Florida .
    Trump received more votes during the primary then Mr. 47 percent Romney did in the 2012 general !
    The Clintons will not get a third term in the White House .

  • ronpal

    you’re kidding, i hope —– did you actually expect trump to beat hillary in one of the bluer states ???