The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Tops Sanders in Every Major Poll

The latest wave of charts on Huffpost Polster have revealed that Hillary Clinton is the candidate to beat for the Democrats. The only victory Bernie Sanders scored was by one percent in New Hampshire.


  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 32%


  • Hillary Clinton – 54%
  • Bernie Sanders – 38%

New Hampshire

  • Bernie Sanders – 43%
  • Hillary Clinton – 42%

South Carolina

  • Hillary Clinton – 73%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22%


  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22%

Sanders continues to struggle to beat Clinton in states outside of his sphere of influence. If he wants to win an election against her, he will need to topple her in states where he isn’t a household name. This will require a lot of work from him, but he is capable of accomplishing it due to his genuine platform. If he can tap into voter angst and apathy towards Clinton, he may be able to siphon votes and increase his voter turnout in an election. Sanders is a far more attractive candidate than Clinton and he has a lot more to offer.

Photo credit: Daily Dot.

  • SophieCT

    And when you say “angst and apathy” what you really mean is that MOST of us want her to became the president because we genuinely like her and want a competent president.
    Sorry, anyone collecting a government paycheck for 30 years as a “public servant” ought to be known by a few more people already.

    • Rich

      She’s a corporatist .We don’t have time for Noblesse Oblige.

      • SophieCT

        You obviously didn’t have time to look up “Noblesse Oblige” either!

  • hrc2012

    You are drinking too much kool aid if you really believe that Sanders “is a far more attractive candidate than Clinton.” Her experience in foreign policy, as well as the breadth of her knowledge and experience in every other issue which is important to America today, as opposed to Senator Sanders rather limited scope of issues, is unparalleled. She is the most uniquely qualified candidate this Country has seen in decades, or longer. That is the reason she is ahead in the polls.

    • sam2300

      OMG, are you kidding me? She’s completely owned by Corporate America, a Monsanto lobbyist is running her campaign, she’s a warmonger and her negatives run 50-60%. Exactly who is drinking the Kool-Aid here?

    • Osiris Neits

      Vote for Hillary and prepare for war. She wants boots on the ground, not only in Syria, but she also favors rolling back the treaty with Iran.

      Anyone who votes for her knowing this shares in the blood that will be on her hands.

    • donna

      You don’t read much, do you?

    • Patricia Palermo

      Bernie is the better Candidate for you. Just listen to his words vs her words. He’s saying what is right.

    • Rich

      She’s a corporatist .We don’t have time for Noblesse Oblige

  • Brian Williams

    Completely confused as to why anyone would find Bernie Sanders a “more attractive candidate” with “more to offer.” While he does make bigger promises, most people understand that there is no likelihood at all of accomplishing most of his agenda if he were to be elected. Clinton has the years of experience, the intelligence, the right policies, and the know how to push her agenda through congress. She is not asking for a “revolution” that would require voters to constantly be engaging with congress in order to help her pass proposals. She is prepared and ready to do the work herself, and not naive enough to think that there will be a “revolution.” She also has promised not to raise taxes on the middle class and the poor. Sanders has yet to explain his tax policy, but has admitted that there will be more taxes involved in paying for his plans.

    • ant

      yeah hes a clueless old man. u should watch the foreign issues debate. He could not even get in between Hillary and Marty O’Malley debating Paris attacks. He ended up looking foolish with a statement like “terrorism is caused by global warming” 😐

      • feet_ontheground

        That pic is exactly how I feel when someone tells me that they support Corrupt Hillary Clinton.

        There is so much factual information to make it ridiculous.


  • circeherbivora

    Oh, you mean like the post-Debate poll with the pre-screened participants where 20% of them said they’d “Never Heard Of” Bernie Sanders? Yeah, Polls are great.

  • sw

    Just the polling done to favor Clinton, Just what the media want you to believe in hopes that people will not vote for Sander’s because Congress still want them bribery checks handed out on the Congress floor.

  • ant

    Lol hater’s gonna hate. She’s more qualified than this old man.

    • ant

      reminder. purple is not blue.

      • feet_ontheground

        What a crock Bernie Sanders is more of a democrat than Hillary Is.

        And he doesn’t lie to The People on a regular basis like Hillary Does.

        Her corruption is disgusting. She is seriously OUT OF TOUCH!

        We are being ruled by Corporations & Billionaires right now & She thinks it’s a great idea to campaign with a billionaire!!!!

        A Non-Partisan Look at Why a Hillary Clinton Presidency is an Absolutely Horrible Idea

        • Rich

          Hillary -Corporatist Bernie -For the people

  • ant


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  • ant

    Leaked texts from Hillary

    • ant


  • feet_ontheground

    Sorry Not buying. I mean nationally Bernie isn’t running a national all at once campaign. He’s doing better than Obama was at this point in 2007. And Hillary is backed by corporate media fundraising for her. Can’t say I believe the polls at all at this point.

    Problems getting accurate results R starting to hurt the polling industry’s reputation. Why Gallup Won’t Poll 2016 Election

  • Neil Allen

    Sweet Jesus, people. Please get a grip.
    Donald Trump *is not* going to be the Republican nominee.
    Bernie Sanders *is not* going to be the Democratic nominee.
    American politics is a three ring circus. They’re the opening act, and all the emotion, positive or negative, toward them just betrays the emoter as a political neophyte with the memory of a goldfish.
    And even if they did somehow manage to ascend, nothing would change, just like nothing’s changed under the BIGGEST symbol of change ever elected in US history.
    Why? Because instead of learning how our government actually works and figuring out how to effect *real* change within it, y’all keep falling for the act.
    Bread and circuses. This is why federal suffrage was heavily restricted in 1787.

  • Rich
  • Garytgsr

    Who cares.. they’re both insane !