The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton Tops Trump in 3 Polls

Hillary Clinton managed to beat Donald Trump in 3 polls by Pew Research, Rasmussen Reports, and Reuters/Ipsos.

Pew Research:

  • Hillary Clinton – 41%
  • Donald Trump – 37%

Rasmussen Reports:

  • Hillary Clinton – 41%
  • Donald Trump – 39%


  • Hillary Clinton – 41%
  • Donald Trump – 36%


Every poll in the recent weeks has went in Clinton’s favor. She continues to be the dominate candidate, and for most political experts, it is a forgone conclusion that she will win the election.

However, Trump isn’t giving up without a fight. Knowing that he is slipping in the polls, he shuffled his campaign staff, and even said on Thursday that he understood he had said hurtful things in the past and that he was only speaking out of passion. While this wasn’t a direct apology, it was the closest thing to one that we will ever get from Trump.

None the less, Clinton should be able to beat Trump so long as she continues to play the moderate role. In many voter’s eyes, Trump is far too radical and they disagree with his racially charged policies. Clinton has managed to stay clear of Trump’s playground tactics and seems content to challenge him in the upcoming debate, which will require Trump to talk about substantive policy and not just talking points.

Photo credit: Politicus USA.