The latest on the presidential horse race.

Clinton up by 11 as She Continues to Hammer Trump in the Polls

The latest general election poll by The Atlantic/PRRI has placed Hillary Clinton 11 points ahead of Donald Trump.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Donald Trump – 38%

Trump is having a rough start to the week. Even though he performed well in the debate, the video clip of his offensive comments from 2005 continue to bury him. Major Republicans are withdrawing their support for him, Trump continues to defend his comments as “locker room talk,” and he refused to issue a heartfelt apology. All of these factors, combined with how close the election is, and it appears that Trump’s campaign is all but dead. Most of the major polls have Clinton up by double digits.

At this point, the election is in Clinton’s hands. There is enough ammunition for her to use against Trump and most of the American population is now well versed in Trump’s behavior. So long as Clinton remains low, the media will not pay any attention to her. This is the position that Clinton has wanted to be in since the beginning as she carried a lot of baggage and she hates talking about it.

Trump tried to pepper her on her ample baggage, and while he got some good jabs in, like the Bill Clinton rape allegations and the emails, he was unable to make effective progress in the polls.

Photo credit: CBC.

  • ATillerson1950

    I accepted Trumps’ apology as being heartfelt. In my opinion, this was male locker room bravado and did not hurt anyone which is more than can be said about Bill C and Hillarys’ vile attacks on women in Bills; escapades. She ruined their lives and said nothing about Bills; vile behavior. Trump would be making more progress if the media was not sabotaging him with release of questions to Hillarys’ campaign, allowing time limits on him but not on Hillary etc, etc. I would cancel my debates unless I chose one of the moderators. The press and media are an extension of the progressive movement so will do anything and everything to see that Trump will not win a debate.

    • danteardenz

      The Globalist Left/ Right cabal always wins . It gets its wars ,( And yes every single conflict this century ,and last .Sorry ,” patriots ‘ ) Trade deals that sell out workers ,and Wall Street ,Private Banking rule . They dummied down millions with stupid films ,sloppy fashions media ,TV ,extremist religion ,or cultural Marxism . Take your pick as the matrix gives you false ” choices ….an ideology for every taste ,and purse
      But they always win ! The Democrats think they are getting their dear Clintons back to help them . The jokes on them .They are getting the elite 1 percent to give them red lines for WW3 ,with Russia over Syria
      ISIS ,open borders,TTP ,and guess what ? All achieved with the help of her Republican anti Trump allies ,Paul Ryan and John McCane ! It’s all do neat , proper,and cozy isn’t it ?

    • D K

      How about providing some proof of that? Continue to sell your soul.