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Colorado Senate Race Remains Close as Candidates Head to First Debate

Rasmussen Reports, 9/3 – 9/4

Colorado Senate

  • Mark Udall – Democrat – 44%
  • Cory Gardner – Republican – 42%
  • Other – 4%
  • Undecided – 10%

The upcoming Colorado Senate election is a toss-up between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner. The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports has suggested that both candidates are neck and neck in this tight race. The poll asked 800 likely voters who they would vote for if an election were to occur today and had a margin of error of 4%. 48% of voters were male and 52% were female. 27% of the voters were aged 18-30, 53% 40-64, and 21% 65+. The vast majority of voters, 79% were white. 31% of voters identified as Republican, 32% Democrat, and 37% as a different party all together.

The results were close. Udall achieved 44% of the vote, while Gardner secured 42%. When adjusted with the margin of error, the race may as well be tied. Udall’s approval rating is 47% and Gardner achieved a 45%. 43% of voters see both Udall and Gardner as unfavorable.

In terms of name recognition, 2% of voters have never heard of Udall and 6% have never heard of Gardner. Both candidates are well established and known. Neither has a significant statistical advantage in this category that is worth discussing.

How will the election be decided? Both candidates are slated to debate this Saturday. A major topic of discussion is healthcare and the strategy behind Obamacare. Immigration is also an important topic that both candidates will have to handle carefully if they want avoid losing votes over controversial opinions. Currently, 39% of Colorado voters view national health care law favorably, while 57% view it unfavorably.

In 2008, Obama narrowly won Colorado with 51% of the vote. Can the Democrats secure another victory in Colorado or will it fall into the hands of the Republicans as a result of Obama’s low approval ratings and overall status throughout most of the country?

Photo credit: KUSA