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Congressional Ratings: 8 Percent of Voters Believe Congress Is Doing Good

Rasmussen Reports, 10/23 – 10/24

Congressional Ratings

Rasmussen Reports has just released a poll cataloging the catastrophe that is known as the 113th United States Congress. Voter opinion is at an all-time low as the current Congress continues to plummet deeper and deeper into the political abyss.

Rate the job Congress is doing

  • Excellent – 3%
  • Good – 5%
  • Fair – 27%
  • Poor – 62%
  • Undecided – 3%

In fact, voters have such a low opinion of Congress that only 8 percent of them believe that they are doing a good job. 62 percent believe they are performing poorly. This is a clear indication of the current political climate in the U.S. People don’t trust politics and they certainly don’t trust politicians to help them with their problems.

The poll asked voters if they believe that the current Congress passed any meaningful legislation, 69 percent said no, 11 percent yes, and 20 percent were undecided. It also asked what the role of Congress was. 55 percent responded that Congress should pass good legislation, 35 percent noted that its goal is to prevent legalization from becoming law, and 9 percent were undecided.

Why do 35 percent of voters believe that Congress exists to stop legislation from being passed? By its very nature, it is designed to pass new laws that are geared towards improving the country. Voters hate the “do nothing” Congress, but they believe that Congress shouldn’t pass laws, a true paradox.

The majority of voters, 80 percent, believe that politicians only care about party leaders and executives, while 10 percent believe that they care about the voters they represent.

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