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Corbett Continues to Sink against Wolf in Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

Franklin & Marshall, 8/18 – 8/25

Pennsylvania Governor

  • Tom Wolf – Democrat – 49%
  • Tom Corbett – Republican – 24%
  • Undecided – 25%
  • Other – 1%

A recent poll analyzing the race for Pennsylvania Governor by Franklin & Marshall has revealed that Democrat Tom Wolf holds a massive lead against his Republican opponent and current incumbent, Tom Corbett. 520 registered Pennsylvania voters were asked which candidate they were most likely to vote for. Wolf obtained 49% of the votes, Corbett, 24%, while 25% were undecided and an additional 1% voted for the “other” option. Polls have favored Wolf for a long time. Since May 2014, Wolf has maintained a steady double digit lead. In most cases, he has stayed above the +20 threshold, only dipping below it briefly in July.

The data also demonstrated that as of August 2014, only 27% of the voters believe that Pennsylvania is headed in the right direction. For comparison the approval ratings for August 2006 were 50%, September 2006, 52%, August 2010, 30%, and September 2010, 31%. In addition to this, Corbett’s approval rating is a measly 24%. The most important issue for voters was education reform, something that Corbett gutted in his term. Previously, the economy was regarded as the most important issue, but with the recession coming to an end and families finding some level of economic stability, voter’s priorities have changed.

Wolf should be able to coast to victory in the upcoming election. His opponent has been caught in scandals and most voters feel that his term was damaging to the state. “What has changed since June?” G. Terry Madonna, the director of the poll asked. “Has Tom Corbett gotten his agenda? No… This race is where it was in June because Corbett hasn’t been able to change the way voters feel about him.”

Photo credit: Pennlive