The latest on the presidential horse race.

Democrats Come out Ahead in Michigan

The latest Michigan head-to-head polls by SurveyUSA have placed the Democratic well ahead of their Republican counterparts. The only Republican candidate who scored a victory over a Democratic candidate was John Kasich against Hillary Clinton.

Head-to-Head Matchups:

  • Hillary Clinton 49% – Donald Trump 38%
  • Hillary Clinton 49% – Ted Cruz 39%
  • Hillary Clinton 41% – John Kasich 46%
  • Bernie Sanders 55% – Donald Trump 36%
  • Bernie Sanders 56% – Ted Cruz 35%
  • Bernie Sanders 47% – John Kasich 42%

The Republican Party finds itself in a dangerous state. It went into the deep end when it decided to stick with candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and while these types of candidates make for interesting primaries, they also make for abysmal elections.

Both Trump and Cruz aren’t electable in a general election and Kasich doesn’t have enough going for him to even be considered a legitimate presidential candidate. If the Republicans head into November with either Trump or Cruz, they will get demolished.

While the early head-to-head polls are looking bad for Hillary Clinton, she should be able to win out over the likes of Trump and Cruz. As the election gets closer, voters will more than likely wise up and wakeup with a hangover, remembering the drunken times they had campaigning with Trump. But like any good drunken story, the morning after always spells the inevitable return to reality.

As for Bernie Sanders, he continues to poll well against all candidates because his platform is genuine. However, his focus on the Wall Street issue has hurt him and left his campaign unable to compete with Clinton’s more focused general election platform. Because of that, he will slowly fall off until Clinton seizes the Democratic nomination.

Photo credit: Zero Filtered.