The latest on the presidential horse race.

Democrats Defeat Republicans in Head-To-Head Polls

The latest round of head-to-head polls by Quinnipiac resulted in a complete sweep by the Democrats. The poll pitted the major Republican candidates against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and the two Democrat candidates won every single matchup.

Head-To-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Donald Trump 41%
  • Hillary Clinton 42% – Jeb Bush 40%
  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Marco Rubio 43%
  • Joe Biden 48% – Donald Trump 40%
  • Joe Biden 45% – Jeb Bush 39%
  • Joe Biden 44% – Marco Rubio 41%

Clinton defeated Trump, but the poll was extremely close and well within the typical margin of error. She performed poorly against Bush, but he is unlikely to win the Republican nomination based on current standings. Finally, Clinton struggled to beat Rubio, but edged him out by a meager one percent.

Biden performed a lot better than Clinton. He managed to defeat Trump by eight percent, Bush by six percent, and Rubio by three percent. Biden hasn’t officially announced his campaign, but many are speculating that he will try to win the Democrat’s presidential nomination.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of Quinnipiac, suggested that Biden is one of the most attractive candidates that the Democrats have and he has a strong desirability when paired against the Republican candidates.

“On the Democratic side, Secretary Hillary Clinton continues her slide while Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to narrow the gap,” Malloy added. “But the real news is the man who isn’t there – yet. Vice President Joseph Biden has the best appeal in general election matchups against top Republicans.”

“Note to Biden: They like you, they really like you, or they like you more than the others. If he is sitting on the fence, his scores in the matchups and his favorability ratings may compel him to say, ‘Let’s do this,” he added.

Photo credit: Politicus USA.