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Democrats Dominate in New York Head-To-Head Polls

Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, the Democrats are in good shape heading into the general election. The latest round of New York head-to-head polls by Emerson were won unanimously by the Democrats.

Head-To-Head Polls

  • Bernie Sanders 51% – Donald Trump 38%
  • Bernie Sanders 56% – Ted Cruz 29%


  • Hillary Clinton 54% – Donald Trump 36%
  • Hillary Clinton 58% – Ted Cruz 30%
  • Hillary Clinton 48% – John Kasich 41%

The Republicans are in a lot of trouble. All three of their candidates are unfavorable and will probably get demolished in a general election. Currently, the nomination is being battled out between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. It is difficult to say who will win, but statistically, it should be Trump. John Kasich shouldn’t even be considered a legitimate candidate and the only reason he is still campaigning is to try and disrupt Trump.

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton will probably win the nomination, barring unprecedented success in New York, California, and Pennsylvania by Bernie Sanders. Clinton is an unpopular candidate in her own right and comes with a lot of baggage. However, she isn’t nearly as unpopular as both Trump and Cruz and she does have an impressive political resume that she can use to win over undecided voters.

If the Democrats can keep looking normal, proposing progressive reforms that can win over centrists, and avoid devolving into a high school bullying contest, like the Republicans have, they should be able to clean up in a general election.

Photo credit: Times of Israel.

  • danteardenz

    Creep Cruz is trying to steal ,what he and the Establishment cannot win.
    Big wins for Trump in Pennsylvania ,and New York state should Rick their schemes .
    Sanders is still running sell,and hopefully his Anti War Anti Globalist sell out will get him sins to keep going …his two major issues the same as Trump’s !

    A mighty coalition breaking the Left/Right divide might be bui!t if either men where to be nominated ,juxtaposed against an establishment theft !

    Trump ,despite the early polling would be stronger against Mrs Clinton as his foreign policy ,and trade policies are populist aka Sanders ,and she agrees with the Republican Establishment /Wall Street in these things .