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Democrats Lead Ohio, Kasich’s Popularity Wanes

The latest poll for Ohio by PPP has provided some interesting data. According to the results, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are more popular candidates than Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and the state is getting fed up with Gov. John Kasich’s pitiful campaign.

Head-to-Head Matchups:

  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Donald Trump 42%
  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Ted Cruz – 35%


  • Bernie Sanders 45% – Donald Trump 41%
  • Bernie Sanders 44% – Ted Cruz 35%

One interesting revelation from this poll is how unpopular Kasich is becoming in his home state. According to the data, 38 percent of voters think he should stay in the race, while 49 percent want him to drop out. In comparison, 52 percent were supportive of his campaign in early March. If you adjust the poll to only account for Republican voters, the numbers are even worse, with 58 percent wanting him to give it up.

Why is this? The majority of voters believe that Kasich is neglecting his duties as Governor.

“Ohio voters were pretty supportive of John Kasich’s Presidential ambitions for a while,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But now they’re ready for him to wrap it up as his prospects grow smaller and the bill for taxpayers related to his campaign gets larger and larger.”

As for the other Republican candidates, both Trump and Cruz continue to struggle against Clinton and Sanders. Why is this? Clinton is considered a safe pick that will maintain the status quo, while Sanders is the choice of those who want to see legitimate progressive change. In contrast, Cruz is the candidate that stands to promote the most change for the Republicans, but his notion of meaningful change is terrifying to most voters, whereas Trump stands to break up the status quo as well, but the majority of his grandiose policies would stand no chance at passing through Congress, the Senate, and for some of his more racist proposals, the Supreme Court.

Photo credit: 6 ABC.