The latest on the presidential horse race.

Donald ‘the Polls Are Rigged’ Trump Pulls Ahead of Clinton

The latest general election poll by IBD/TIPP Tracking has placed Donald Trump 2 points ahead of Hillary Clinton.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 42%
  • Hillary Clinton – 40%
  • Gary Johnson – 7%
  • Jill Stein – 4%

In the recent weeks, Trump has continuously droned on about how the election is “rigged” and how the polls are illegitimate. Of course, one assume that Trump loves the polls when he is winning.

Some of the recent leaks by WikiLeaks have exposed the Democratic Party and its shady tactics. Certain high profile staffers were caught sending people to Trump’s rallies to incite violence and to rile up his supporters.

As for Clinton, she had a respectable debate at the final presidential debate, but wasn’t overly convincing to the American people. She will more than likely win the election, seeing as Trump so heavily sabotaged himself over the last 2 weeks. Her best strategy at this point is to solidify her support base and to continue pushing forward with all of the political ammunition that Trump has provided her with.

Trump has virtually no chance of beating Clinton and the majority of the GOP is now focusing on Senate races. Several GOP Senators are trying to distance themselves from Trump out of fear of hurting their chances at getting elected or re-elected.

Photo credit: CBC.

  • “Trump has virtually no chance of beating Clinton…”
    Uh, isn’t he ahead 42-40? Are you assuming at least 3 percent vote fraud for Rodham?

    • Eric Carriere

      The majority of the major population centers in the United States will all vote for Clinton, early voting favors Clinton, especially among Latinos in states like Florida, Nevada, and Arizona. It’s not looking good for Trump no matter how you look at it.

      • You are merely pointing out the obvious. The parasites will vote for Rodham, and the producers will vote for Trump. If the former outnumber the latter, the nation is doomed.

        • danteardenz

          If your calling the poor ,and struggling ” parasites ” that’s pre Trump ,Republican Neoconservative nonsense that keeps them from winning . Mr .Trump is not like other Ryan ,Koch brothers , Limbaugh types . He is anti Wall Street ,and Globalist trade deals which drive millions of Americans into needing help . Trump wants to protect Social Security Medicare etc . This is why he has a fighting chance . The only ” parasites ” in the USA are the billionaires who fund Clinton . Not the poor , elderly , low end jobs people .

  • danteardenz

    ABC, owned like ALL the big media by Wall Street – International Banking just put out a poll ; Clinton 12 points up ,and Globalist Establishment mouthpiece for over 100 years ,the Sulzberger New York Times is declaring the old Clinton ( s ) imminent victory .

    Less ” connected polling ” have Trump up ,or very competitive. No coincidence to the wise . Clinton has raised a record billion dollars from the elite. They use ” who’s ahead polling” to influence voters to get on the Clinton ” bandwagen ” which is rolling along on gilded wheels barely,or not ahead at all !