The latest on the presidential horse race.

Donald Trump Pulls Ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Poll

The latest general election poll by the LA Times/USC Tracking, has placed Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 4 points.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 43%

Despite a disastrous week for Trump, he remains ahead in this poll. Trump has dropped the ball hard in the last week, engaging in sexist rants, talking about sex tapes at 3 a.m., and he has been forced to constantly defend himself. Additionally, Trump was embarrassed by his running mate Mike Pence, who had a stronger debate performance than Trump. With Sunday’s presidential debate fast approaching, Trump will need to come to the debate focused and ready to talk about substantive policy, and not his usual, vague talking points.

As for Clinton, she continues to have the upper hand in the majority of polls. When it comes to LA Times/USC Tracking polls, she tends to always poll below Trump. Her polling average is still higher than Trump and a different poll released on Wednesday revealed that she holds a 10 point lead over Trump. So long as Clinton comes to the debate prepared and performs like she did in the first one, she should win and she will further embarrass Trump.

The election isn’t that far off, so if Trump has a poor showing at Sunday’s debate, his campaign will be in jeopardy and he will seriously need to consider the viability of his campaign at that point.

Photo credit: The Fiscal Times.