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End of October Generic Congressional Ballot Has the Republicans in the Lead

Rasmussen Reports, 10/20 – 10/26

Generic Congressional Ballot

  • Republicans – 43%
  • Democrats – 41%
  • Other – 4%
  • Undecided – 12%

A recent Generic Congressional Ballot by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that the Republicans have taken the lead. An end of October poll shows that 43 percent of voters prefer the Republican Party over the Democrat’s 41 percent. A mid-October poll had the two parties split at 41 percent each.

In the same poll, Barack Obama’s approval ratings were on par with the median. He achieved an approval rating of 47 percent, and a disapproval rating of 52 percent. However, 40 percent of voters strongly disapproved of him, highlighting an increasing dissatisfaction with the president.

Voters also believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. 66 percent expressed this belief, while 26 percent were satisfied with the direction of the country.

The most important issues in the eyes of voters remained largely unchanged. 35 percent said the economy, 18 percent domestic issues, 17 percent national security, 12 percent fiscal issues, and in last place, 8 percent said cultural issues.

It is not surprising that the economy remains one of the focal issues for voters. Many Americans suffer from being underpaid or unemployed and they are demanding alleviation from these two pressures. When it is a question of survivability, no one cares about culture. National security is also a major issue because of the growing threat of ISIS, and until a solution is reached that satisfies the masses, it will continue to be an important issue in the eyes of voters.

Photo credit: Business News Daily.