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Fox General Election Poll: Biden Beats All Republicans, Clinton Loses

The latest poll by Fox News pitted Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden against the plethora of Republican candidates. Clinton lost to every single Republican candidate, while Biden beat them all.

Head-to-Head Polls:

  • Hillary Clinton 40% – Donald Trump – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton 40% – Jeb Bush 44%
  • Hillary Clinton 39% – Carly Fiorina 42%
  • Hillary Clinton 39% – Ben Carson 50%
  • Joe Biden 50% – Donald Trump 37%
  • Joe Biden 46% – Jeb Bush 41%
  • Joe Biden 44% – Marco Rubio 43%
  • Joe Biden 46% – Carly Fiorina 42%
  • Joe Biden 46% – Ben Carson 42%

While this poll was conducted by Fox News, the numbers are revealing of how unpopular Clinton is as a candidate. She continues to struggle in key polls, losing ground to Bernie Sanders and Republicans pummel her in almost every head-to-head poll. Most Democrats support Clinton, but it remains to be seen whether she can captivate voters to turn out and elect her as the first female president.

Biden hasn’t announced a campaign yet. However, he is an incredibly likeable candidate, who is charismatic, and proven. Having served as vice president for President Obama, most Americans are confident in his abilities to lead the country and understand that he is familiar with the political process. Still, there are major questions regarding his commitment to campaigning and his desire to push through another long election cycle at his advanced age.

Photo credit: ABC News.