The latest on the presidential horse race.

General Election Poll Puts Trump Ahead of the Democrats

A recent poll by SurveyUSA has revealed that Donald Trump is ahead of all of the major Democrat candidates in head-to-head polls. He managed to edge out Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.

Head-to-Head Results:

  • Donald Trump 45% – Hillary Clinton 40%
  • Donald Trump 44% – Joe Biden 42%
  • Donald Trump 44% – Bernie Sanders 40%

Trump still leads the polls and managed to win a head-to-head poll, despite his slowing momentum. In the recent weeks, Trump has struggled in the polls as he has been exposed as a candidate that has a limited understanding of important issues beyond immigration. His knowledge on foreign policy is extremely weak and concerning for a potential presidential candidate. Trump will likely decline in the polls as he struggles to discuss anything of relevance beyond his farfetched wall idea on the Mexican border.

Clinton still sits at the top of the Democrats, but Sanders is knocking on the door, and Biden is still a respectable candidate should he choose to run for president. The majority of Democrats would prefer to vote for Biden over Clinton, as he is a safe candidate with a worthy track record. Sanders is hitting the right tones with the working class and he continues to build momentum on his grassroots campaign that targets students and lower and middle class Americans.

Photo credit: Washington Times.