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Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats and Republicans Split at 40

Rasmussen Reports, 10/6 – 10/12

Generic Congressional Ballot

  • Democrat – 40%
  • Republican – 40%
  • Other – 6%
  • Undecided – 15%

Rasmussen Reports has released their latest poll, the generic congressional ballot which looks at who voters would choose in an election, their opinion on Barack Obama, the direction of the country, and which issues they believe are the most important.

The party vote was split evenly at 40 percent for both parties. Voters are unsure of which party to vote for as both of them are clearly flawed.

In terms of demographics, the poll was 31 percent Republican, 36 percent Democrat, and 34 percent other.

Obama’s approval ratings are nothing fantastic, but they have remained statistically static in the mid-high 40s. Currently, his approval rating is 47 percent, down slightly from 48 on the previous poll. Many question his leadership and his overall ability to lead the United States, while others suggest that he can’t accomplish anything with the current Congress.

In support of this, 65 percent of the voters believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction, while only 27 percent support it. A lot of this has to do with the conflict in the Middle-East. The decision to commit is one that splits the country in half, but in reality, many voters are tired of seeing the U.S. committed to fighting in countries that provide no direct benefit to them.

In terms of issues, 35 percent of voters ranked the economy as the most important issue. This is not surprising, as most Americans want to see an increase in wages, their standard of living, and other economic gains. Both domestic issues and national security tied at 18 percent, while fiscal issues received 14 percent of the vote.

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