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Georgia Senate Race between Republican’s Kingston and Perdue Is Dead Even

The results from a recent poll conducted by Insider Advantage demonstrated a dead even race between Republican candidates Jack Kingston and David Perdue. Perdue has made up a lot of ground in the last month, climbing over 10 points in the approval ratings. The poll questioned 1278 people and accounted for a 2.74 percent margin of error. The current split sits at 42 percent for Kingston, 41 percent for Perdue, and 17 percent were undecided.

Initially, Perdue finished first and Kingston second, in the May primary. Since then, third and fourth place candidates, Karen Handel and Phil Gingrey, have supported Kingston and he began to gain momentum on his opponent.

The tight race is far from over, but Perdue has begun to close the gap. “You talk about this polling, that’s totally consistent with what we’re hearing around the state,” Perdue said. “It’s a tight race. … The main thing I like is our momentum that we’re feeling in the last three or four weeks. I feel it out here on the stump.”

Kingston criticized his opponent, claiming that he was out of touch with Republican voters. “Someone who is running for the U.S. Senate and has never voted in the Republican primary until his name is on the ballot, that takes chutzpah, if nothing else,” Kingston said.

Still, Kingston’s comments are nothing more than an attempt to play down the efforts of his opponent and the polls have demonstrated that voters are not falling for his petty words.

Kingston felt the pressure of controversy when it was revealed that he had accepted $80,000 from a Palestinian businessman who is facing deportation for criminal activities. He returned the money, but he damaged his political image in the process. In his defense, Kingston stated, “There are a lot of attack ads that go on, and you don’t know which ones stick and which don’t. So you just keep moving forward.”

Matt Towery, a pollster of Insider Advantage believes that the attack ads will pass and that they will have little outcome on the election. However, if they do end up influencing voters, he believes that Perdue’s attack will be more effective due to their loaded language.

“While there has been no report of actual wrongdoing by Kingston, words like ‘investigation’ and the mention of institutions like the FBI have found their way into both print and broadcast news reports,” said Towery.

Photo credit: HYOSUB SHIN — Atlanta Journal-Constitution/MCT