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Georgia: Trump Beats Clinton, Loses to Sanders

Georgia and Bernie Sanders are two things that should be incredibly incompatible. The latest poll by Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, but lost to Sanders.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Donald Trump 45% – Hillary Clinton 41%
  • Donald Trump 42% – Bernie Sanders 47%

Georgia is a Republican state and should vote in favor of Trump in the general election. However, the fact that Trump continues to lose to Sanders in states that he should win is worrying for the Republicans. Trump has a lot of ground to makeup and a lot of bridges to mend. His primary tactics were destructive and alienated him with many large voting demographics, namely, Latinos, women, African-Americans, and Muslim-Americans. Georgia, a state with a lot of African-Americans, will be tough for Trump to win and he will need to find a way to appeal to these voters.

As for the Clinton, the Democratic Party should be worried that she is still struggling to finish off Sanders. Every recent primary, Sanders dominates the narrative and Clinton is forced to focus on Sanders rather than Trump. If she remains distracted for too long, Trump may be able to solidify votes, and if Sanders eventually loses in a bitter battle, some of his supporters may side with Trump out of spite.

Photo credit: Think Progress.