The latest on the presidential horse race.

Head-To-Head, Clinton Underperforms, Sanders Cleans Up

The latest round of head-to-head polls by Quinnipiac University have revealed that Hillary Clinton continues to struggle against the majority of the Republican candidates, while Bernie Sanders continues to beat them all.

Hillary Clinton’s Matchups:

  • Hillary Clinton 44% – Donald Trump 43%
  • Ted Cruz 46% – Hillary Clinton 43%
  • Marco Rubio 48% – Hillary Clinton 41%
  • John Kasich 47% – Hillary Clinton 39%
  • Jeb Bush 44% – Hillary Clinton 43%

Bernie Sander’s Matchups:

  • Bernie Sanders 48% – Donald Trump 42%
  • Bernie Sanders 49% – Ted Cruz 39%
  • Bernie Sanders 47% – Marco Rubio 41%
  • Bernie Sanders 45% – John Kasich 41%
  • Bernie Sanders 49% – Jeb Bush 39%

Clinton managed to lose to every candidate but Donald Trump. However, even that minor victory, was well within the margin of error and barely a victory at all. For months, Clinton has struggled against the various Republican candidates, unable to gain traction.

On the other hand, Sanders beat every candidate in the list by a respectable margin. For a “socialist,” Sanders continues to poll well and it would be safe to say that the majority of the Republican candidates would prefer to face Clinton in a national election.

In the past, Sanders was criticized for being unelectable, but the extensive baggage that Clinton carries is making her an unpopular choice and one that seems far more unelectable than Sanders.

Photo credit: CBC.