The latest on the presidential horse race.

Hillary Clinton Tops Sanders, The Dems Trounce Trump

The latest round of polls by Field Research have placed Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders and both Clinton and Sanders ahead of the Republican nominee Donald Trump in California.

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Hillary Clinton 45% – Bernie Sanders 43%
  • Hillary Clinton 53% – Donald Trump 34%
  • Bernie Sanders 60% – Donald Trump 31%

California will go to the Democrats no matter what Trump does. However, what is interesting in this poll is the fact that Sanders is closing the gap on Clinton and that he continues to dominate Trump in the polls.

One has to question whether the Democrats backed the right candidate. Without going into details about the primary system, or Sanders weaknesses, Sanders seems like he should have been the candidate to represent the Democrats in 2016. He continues to perform well against Trump in the majority of polls and Trump was scared to debate Sanders, knowing that he would have been hit hard on economic questions.

Regardless, Clinton will lead the Democrats in 2016 and will more than likely take the election. Sanders continues to campaign, but the delegate math is not on his side and there is virtually no chance that he can win the nomination at this point.

Of course, Trump will fight tooth and nail to win the election, but a Trump victory seems unlikely based on how many demographics he has alienated throughout the current election cycle. Trump will never be able to win over Latino and women voters due to the horrific comments that he made earlier in the primary cycle.

Photo credit: Fox 61.