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Illinois Senate: Durbin Holds a Double Digit Lead over Oberweis

Rasmussen Reports, 24/9 – 25/9

Illinois Senate

  • Dick Durbin – Democrat – 51%
  • Jim Oberweis – Republican – 37%
  • Other – 4%
  • Undecided – 8%

The Democrat Dick Durbin continues to hold a dominant lead over his Republican challenger Jim Oberweis. The most recent Rasmussen Reports poll surveyed 750 likely voters and asked them who they would be willing to vote for if an election were to occur today. The results heavily favored Durbin, who secured 51 percent of the votes, while Oberweis only achieved 37 percent. 4 percent of the voters elected to vote for a different candidate and 8 percent were undecided.

Oberweis scored well in his favorability ratings. 45 percent of the voters considered him to be a favorable candidate, while 33 percent did not. However, Durbin achieved superior favorability ratings. His favorability was pegged at 55 percent, while his non-favorability rating was only 37 percent. Durbin enjoys a 10 percent lead over his opponent. In addition to a superior favorability rating, Durbin also has name recognition. Only 3% of voters have never heard of him, while 12 percent have never heard of Oberweis.

In a poll conducted in July, Durbin had a 10 percent lead on his opponent. Over time, he has maintained a lead and with the election looming, it looks unlikely that his lead will diminish. Voters are not interested in Oberweis’ platform as it follows a strict Republican diet of anti-gun control and low taxes. These policies are not popular, gun control shouldn’t be the focal point of a campaign, and no one wants to see the ultra-rich receive tax breaks, especially in a recovering economy.