The latest on the presidential horse race.

Iowa Primary: Clinton and Trump Lead Their Parties

The latest poll by Public Polling Policy for Iowa is out. Hillary Clinton led the Democrats and Donald Trump maintained his lead for the Republicans.

  • Who would you vote for from the Republicans?
    • Donald Trump – 19%
    • Scott Walker – 12%
    • Ben Carson – 12%
    • Jeb Bush – 11%
    • Carly Fiorina – 10%
    • Ted Cruz – 9%
    • Mike Huckabee – 6%
  • Who would you vote for from the Democrats?
    • Hillary Clinton – 52%
    • Bernie Sanders – 25%

Trump continues to dominate the pack. The Republican race has many faces, but Trump, Walker, Bush, and Carson have emerged as the top contenders for the presidential nomination. Carson increased his popularity after the recent GOP debate with a solid performance that made him look intelligent compared to some of the other candidates (Cruz were looking at you). At this point, it seems likely that Trump will actually win the nomination. He is hitting the right tone with voters, and if you can look past all the nonsense, he actually stands for what he believes in, something that is rare in politics these days.

On the other side of the fence, nothing has changed. Clinton still leads the pack and Sanders is struggling to close the gap. Still, Sanders is campaigning hard to gain votes and he continues to campaign at the grassroots level, inspiring working class and young voters. If Sanders can properly showcase economic inequality, a major part of his platform, he may rise in the rankings. Most Democrats aren’t fond of Clinton and would love to back a candidate with a stronger platform.

Photo credit: WQAD.